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Get Involved at the UUSC

Young Adult Opportunities

Ecologically Sound

Move On

NonViolent Peaceforce

Regional Social Justice

Volunteer Opportunities

We are currently working on a Habitat for Humanity building at 406 Emerson St. Contact Carol King at mailto: cking@firstuunewsletter.org.

Every month on the Second Tuesday, we serve lunch at the Main Street soup kitchen. Volunteers needed. Check in the Church office.

And don't forget the annual Pride Day Celebration! We always have a group in the parade, so bring your posters and signs!


First UU is a cooperative endeavor, and we need you to help us be successful! Join one of our committees, including the Sunday Programs, Aesthetics, and Membership, and find yourself among friends!

Small Groups

There are a number of different small groups available to make you feel welcome. Contact our Small Group Coordinator, Sandra Small at mailto: ssmall@firstuunewsletter.org.

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One of the hallmarks of most UU congregations is our Social Justice orientation and activities. This is a great place to highlight the wonderful ways that your congregation is working to change the world, in small and large ways.

You could have a volunteer of the month in this spot.