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This is a list of plans or ideas on growing UUism and expanding people's awareness that we do exist and can be a place for religious liberals.

  • Campaigns similar to that of what Houston area UU Churches did, like a GLBT Affirming Ad. The online portion of the Texas Ad Campaign (including a thumbnail of another ad they ran in local papers) can be found on the UUA's website, here. The use of actual people really adds a personal touch rather than a dry text-only ad in a paper.
  • San Diego Unitarian Universalist Churches] had a campaign going on where they had various recordings of members talking about what they believed and why they were a UU. Listening to something is a lot more personal than reading text and makes people connect more to the church/churches.
  • UU bloggers have launched micromarketing campaigns using Google AdWords twice in the last year. They launched the first in response to the "Unitarian Jihad" craze in spring 2005 (followup here and here) and in April 2006 launched a second campaign promoting UU blogs (followup here).