OWL-L Condom Obstacle Course

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Signs for Condom Obstacle Course

1. “You can’t feel anything through a condom.” Oh, yeah?

Place a condom on your fist. Close your eyes.

Have someone touch your fist lightly with a finger. Can you feel it?

Have someone touch your fist with a feather. Can you feel it?

Have someone blow on your fist. Can you feel it?

2. “Condoms are too small for me.”

Oh, yeah?

Stretch it. Put it on your fist. Put it on your foot. Blow it up.

Measure the length.

Measure the circumference.

You do the math!

3. “Condoms are too hard to use.”

Oh, yeah?

Check the condom. See Condom Checklist.

Open the package. (Duh.)

Pinch the reservoir tip to save space for semen.

Roll the condom on all the way up.


Remove penis without disturbing semen.

Condom Checklist


1. Expiration date isn’t past

2. Latex

3. Lubricated with nonoxynol-9

4. No rips or tears

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