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Tips for Using Online Services

  • Read your agreement
  • Check the policies about privacy and security
  • Make sure you will be notified by email of any transactions
  • Transfer any funds that you have received into your account as soon as possible
  • If you haven't received an email from them in a month's time, check the account to make sure there have been no transactions
  • Use credit cards that will not charge you if you report that your number was stolen (most charge $50 per transaction until you notify them of theft, but I find that many will waive that if it is "identity theft" - using your number without your permission or direct access to your card)
  • Use checking accounts from banks that will cover unauthorized use of your account and that don't have large sums of money in them if possible (you can set up a special account and then transfer the money to the usual account)

Pay Pal Security Links