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UUWiki is an installation of Mediawiki-1.3.0.

It is a test platform and a development site for UU-related Technology.

Jim Hermann UUism Networks

How customizable is the look and feel of the Wiki? There is on thing that really bothers me about the layout, and would have confused me more had i not already been familiar with Wikis. The tabs across the top of the pages are fairly confusing because they don't follow the standard use of tabs. Let me try and explain with an example:

I have a printer with a page for setting Network Settings. On this page are three Tabs - TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and AppleTalk. within each tab is a set of editable items (edit boxes, radio buttons, etc.) and buttons representing actions (Save, restore defaults, cancel, etc). This create a clear visual heirarchy when editing:

Network Settings

  • TCP/IP
    • Settings
    • Actions
    • Settings
    • Actions
  • AppleTalk
    • Settings
    • Actions

The way the this page is currently organized the visual heirarchy would lead me to believe that there is no difference between hitting the edit tab when viewing the article, or viewing the discussion of the article, because either way the standard is that hitting a tab changes your context, as opposed to taking an action (editing) the currently selected item (the article).

So, I think it would make more sense if the actions (edit, watch, etc.) were buttons within the tab to clearly denote that it is an action being taken on the currently selected item.

John Cooley