UUism Networks provides full service Domain Name Registration (DNR) and DNS Services through our Domain Registrar at, now part of  Every DNR comes with a free option for Email Forwarding and Web Site Creator Lite.  See for an example.  Also, every DNR comes with user access to update Contacts and Nameservers at

Domain Name Registration

The Domain Name Registration fee is $14 per year for domain names that end in .com/.net/.org. Setup is free. For additional years of registration, the fees are reduced:

DNR Updates and Maintenance

The Domain Name Registration can be updated at  Enter the domain name and DNR password.  If the password is left blank, the next web page will contain a link to sent the password to the Admin Contact email address.

DNS Services (Free as of 1/1/2012)

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the technology that ties text-based domain names to the numeric IP Addresses that are necessary to locate a server on the Internet. DNS Services can: