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... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... =Project "MDD TEAM WWWEAVERS"= Goal: To develop an MDD web-team concept (See definition of terms and KokHeong's challenge/charge, below)

Note: Al' Bailey wrote the initial version. Neal McBurnett put it in wiki format. Everyone now gets to evolve it as they see fit into a collaborative statement of how we weavers can help support the growth of MDD's web, either via this UUWiki, via a normal web site, or in some other manner


In response to the MDD Board's inspired decision to (re)organize provision of MDD services under the SA structure and subsequently to employ the MDD website as 'A' major resource for resource advertising and deployment, (WE) need to strengthen, expand and reorganize the website development/maintenance processes/resources.

This is herein interpreted to include the need to develop a "team" of webpage "weavers"; in order to distribute not only the workload, but (more significantly) to distribute the several components of responsibility among them, according to component function.

It is further interpreted to mean we shall sustain a level of humor, appropriate to the gravity of our misssion and responsibilities. :-)

POSSIBLE MODES for Teamember(weaver) Support

(tentative thoughts/ideas for discussion/consideration; Let's add to and explore the possibilities.)

  1. Subdivide development/maintenance according to individual SAs. Assign one (or more) SAs to each weaver for SA Webroom development/maintenance. (Hot prospects are CCB and JM)
  2. SA Webroom Development Consultant/developer
    1. Wiki (or other) resources wrt specific SA needs/???
    2. Alternative webroom organization structures [ie. pilot demos for/with select SA(s)]
    3. ??
  3. MDD Resources Consultant/Developer: Coordinate with Office to organize/post/maintain content.
  4. ????? This is a very short list; Surely, we can do better!

Wikis invite participation, avoid bottlenecks

It is important that the MDD webmasters not be a bottleneck in this process. Centralizing the updating of pages causes workload problems and burnout, and doesn't engage the passion and knowledge base of the thousands of MDD members and dozens of key service area contributors. We need to use a more "distributed" approach, with more people who can update pages.

One promising alternative to traditional web site development is to use a "Wiki". A Wiki, or WikiWikiWeb, is a web site that a group can use to share information, with an emphasis on easy access to and modification of information. You can actually edit any page by pressing the edit tab at the top of the page. See Main Page for more information on this wiki and wikis in general.


Service Area working group/leader.
Service Council, all of the Service Area leaders.
Team of participating MDD webpage workers.
Participating web-team member. aka Teamember.
SA subdivision/directory if the MDD Website.