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Updates from Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte

The Need: In just the last 5 years our teens have begun to rely on media for their social interactions. The OWL 7-9 curriculum we are currently using has not been updated since 1999.

We are offering supplemental material which includes movies, websites, and social media sites as a supplement to the program to hopefully more fully engage the class. The material is posted below, by session.

Equipment/Resource Needs: Will need internet connection for the web-based media, a TV for the movie and TV show clips, and a computer and projector for the PowerPoint presentation; the clips may work better with the projector set up. The following media are needed: the movie, Juno; the movie, MurderBall; the DVD of DeGrassie Season __; the documentary, (Sex)abled; a copy of the Learning Channel's Baby Story; the web site “That’s not Cool”; other optional material.

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