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The following activities are optional. If you feel your group is socially or emotionally immature or you see some confusion around terms or discomfort with role plays, consider using these activities. You may not be able to determine their need until late in the evening after you've been around the youth for several hours.

These activities are designed to develop knowledge and skill to enhance youth participation in the curriculum.

1. What are values? This activity is to help youth clarify what values are and how they relate to other concepts regarding decision making.

a. Match word with definitions. Hand out definitions and have youth match their definition with the word on the board.

  • Term /Definition
  • Values / the things we believe; what we place importance in
  • Integrity / acting in a manner that is consistent with our beliefs
  • Morality / following a specific code of conduct
  • Making choices / the right to select among different alternatives
  • Desires / feelings of longing ; wishing for something
  • Preferences / liking certain options more than others

b. Ask youth to write down an example of each of these terms from their own lives.

c. Lead the group in discussion. For example: How do you think these terms relate to your sexuality? How can values guide your decision making? How do desires and preferences affect the choices you make? How important is it for you to have integrity?

2. Role playing exercise: In some of our classes, we will be role playing situations. Role playing is a way to think about and practice how you might behave in an imaginary situation. It gives us a chance to get more comfortable and take risks in situations we might encounter in the future.

Here are some examples (or you and the youth can make up your own…):

Jane and Laura have been best friends since kindergarten. They live down the street from one another and spend most of their free time together. Laura likes spending time with Jane but sometimes feels she is too bossy. Laura made a new friend Sara in soccer and has invited her over to hang out. They are having fun, until Jane comes over and starts being rude to Sara. Laura feels torn Jane is her best friend and she doesn’t want to make her mad, but feels she feels Jane is being mean. She doesn’t want Sara to have her feelings hurt. What are Laura’s choices and how do you think she should handle this situation? How do you think Jane will feel? How will Sara feel? How will Laura feel afterwards? What is likely to happen? Act out what you think should happen.

Jake’s mother left him in charge while she went to the store. Although Jake was supposed to stay in the house the entire time, he was just talking with this friend Tony at the door when Jake’s dog ran out into the street. What should Jake do? What should he tell his mother? Act out what you think should happen.

From the Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte

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