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This page contains a list of software and/or solutions used to manage calendar information on UU congregational websites.


Advantages: Powerful script, easy to install, allows multiple views, search features, templates, user authentication, multiple calendars, and SSIs. You can configure your home page to be automatically updated with new calendar information. Plugins extend the feature lists.

Disadvantages: Requires duplication of efforts to maintain an online calendar and one for your newsletter and/or order of service. This Perl script requires the ability to execute cgi scripts on your server, which not all churches may have.

Cost: $50 for non-profit license.



Advantages: Integrates multiple workflows : event management, resource scheduling, volunteer management, registration for events, donations, and newsletters. This is an ASP which means it can be used by anyone with access to a browser.

Disadvantages : Compared to the other options, this is the most expensive. There is a risk of interrupted service if the company experiences technical or financial problems. Exit strategy (i.e. switching to an alternative) may be difficult.

Cost: Start-up fee of $199. Monthly charges depend on the number of features used, but can range from $45 to $145 per month.

Examples: All Souls Kansas City, First Unitarian Society of Madison

Advantages: FREE & it provides FREE PUBLICITY for your events (if you want it can put your events in a public search where people can find your events on a zip code search, though events like meetings can be left off the public search); it can be edited by anyone who has the username and password anywhere with no special software or web editing knowledge (just ability to fill out a form on the internet)

Disadvantages : Like all free services, it is subject to change without notice; site goes down occasionally; it may not remain free; some customization features are Windows compatible only; if you want your neighbors to know about the LoCalendar zip code search function, you have to do the PR for it, including adding the information in the footer or header; it has a feature that warns you if the subject line is too short for the public calendar, though you can add anything & then go back & edit it & it then will publish; it takes a little longer to edit than other calendars because you're editing it online instead of on your computer so you have to deal with internet speeds

Cost: FREE

Examples: Davies Memorial UU Church Calendar - do a public search on our zip code 20748 to see which events are on the public calendar - you might need to do a search for the month instead of the week since we don't have public events every week, especially in the summer (well, we do have services, but sometimes the sermon is not listed). A search also found that these churches use it.:


Advantages: FREE

Disadvantages : Beta

Cost: FREE

Examples: Unitairian Universalist Church of Urbana, IL

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Main Page > Websters