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How can I give users the ability to adjust the font size on my site?

This message was originally posted by Lori Stone Sirkosky to the websters list in March 2004:

If you use css and relative font-sizes, this script is for you. I just implemented it on our church's website and we really love it. It places links (images, buttons, or text) in your HTML page that allows the user to change the font-size for your site.

Example site:

Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis

Even though most browsers these days allow for changing font size, many users never venture too far into the buttons and menu items at the top. And some may not want to change their font size globally.

This javascript gives people the opportunity (see upper right corner of example site) to set a custom font-size for just your website (so they don't have to adjust the browser's font-size and potentially screw up other sites that they like to view at a different size). And best yet, if your users have cookies enabled. It remembers everytime they come back to your site what size they like to view it at.

I've tested it in IE and Mozilla for PC. Seems to work pretty well. Another websters user tested it on a mac.

If you are interested in getting the script for your own website, you can get it for free at:

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