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Welcome to the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Second Life's Marketing, Advertising, Promotions and Public Relations Wiki. The purpose of this wiki is to promote outreach in Second Life for Unitarian Universalism through the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Second Life's inworld presence.

This document will be divided into several sections: Actual Advertising, Results, and New Ideas.

Actual Advertising

Currently, actual advertising consists of:

  1. Classified ad for L$59/week placed by UU Guru, with funds coming directly from church treasury.
  2. Listing in the Places directory for L$30/week paid for by ??? (the group?).

That's it! Not much!


Presently, the following results have been produced by the above campaigns:

  1. It is uncertain exactly when ad was placed, but as of January 11, 2008, it has had 22 teleports. The ad will continue to be monitored for future teleports so that we can get an idea of the frequency of visitors.
  2. The places listing does not tell us how many visitors come to the Church through the search feature.

New Ideas

Currently, the following ideas have been proposed:

  1. Reciprocal Advertising.
    1. We need to find compatible organizations willing to place a display with landmark and notecard dispenser pointing back to the church in exchange for doing the same in return.
      1. There is an Estate called the Commonwealth run by Envirolink that offers free space to organizations that support environmental issues. Although our church is not dedicated solely to these issues, they are issues that many of our members care about and support, and many of our members belong to such organizations. Are there any official UUA supported environmental programs, such as the UUSC? Perhaps we could get the Commonwealth to do reciprocal linking with us.
      2. Delia Lake, who runs the Center for Water Studies on Better World Island has agreed to do a reciprocal link with the church.
      3. Koinonia Congregational Church already has a landmark to us in their Card Catalog. There is no image associated with it, and it is buried in a drawer, but it is a start. If we place a poster to their church, perhaps they might put on to ours. I have spoken to one of the pastors who has expressed enthusiasm for the idea, but I'm not sure our communication was completely clear.
    2. Who will design and produce these displays?
    3. Can we get church members to volunteer to find sympathetic and compatible organizations?
  2. Billboard Advertising.
    1. SL has a number of private billboards. How do we determine the most effective locations?
    2. How do we design the ads and who produces them?
    3. How do we pay for these campaigns? So far, we have some volunteers to contribute, but perhaps the Board might decide to support some advertising from the church treasury (besides the classified ad).
  3. Newspaper advertising.
    1. Metaverse Messenger, etc.
    2. Cost and who will pay? Design ads?
  4. Events
    1. Live Music
    2. Movies
    3. Speeches/lectures