FUUCSL minutes January 2008

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UUSL Leadership Group

Minutes for 1/16/08

Present: Sofia Freenote, Chara Allen (for Pomona Writer), Etaoin Barcelona, Trouble Welles, Beacon Questi, Otenth Paderborn

Pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, we made the following initial decisions:

  • Sofia will be secretary and will disseminate minutes of this group’s meetings via the googlegroup, wiki, notecard to UUSL group and via a “physical” file box or communication center to be located near the Lovelace sanctuary.
  • Otenth was unanimously elected to the position of “moderator of the UUSL Leadership Group”. His responsibilities will include asking for agenda items and setting an agenda, sending notices of meetings, moderating meetings, and acting as spokesperson for the group as needed.
  • A quorum for official meetings will be four of the six members of the group
  • We will aim for consensus in our decisions. The moderator may at his discretion call for a vote if needed. Anyone can make a motion and ask for a vote at any time.
  • Our regular meeting time will be the first Wednesday of each month from 6:30 to 8 SLT at the meditation room in Modesta. Directions to the meditation room (Modesta (32,108,298) go to chapel and tp up) will be disseminated with notices of meetings. Our first regularly scheduled meeting will be Feb. 6, 2008, and it will be open to the public.
  • There will be one additional planning meeting before our first regularly scheduled meeting on Feb 6. This meeting will be at 6:30 SLT on Monday Jan 21 at Otenth’s home. The purpose of this meeting will be to set an agenda for the meeting on Feb 6.

We agreed in principle that there is a need for a “church office” or “communication center” which would be located near the sanctuary in Lovelace. It would combine the functions of (1) a place where people could read and get copies of meeting minutes (2) a worship calendar (3) a calendar of meetings and (4) a drop box or suggestion box and (5) information on how to reach us. We should all come to the meeting on Jan 21 prepared with suggestion on how to implement this idea.

(Meeting continued: January 21, 2008 6:30 pm SLT)

Present: Sofia Freenote, Pomona Writer, Etaoin Barcelona, Trouble Welles, Beacon Questi, Otenth Paderborn

We experimented with several different communication provided by Otenth.

  • We agreed that a red notecard dispenser would be used for Leadership Group minutes and other important documents. This object is free. Otenth will change the texture to read “UUSL Minutes” and install at Lovelace. The object will be set to the Leadership Group so that we will be the only ones able to put things into it.
  • We took a field trip to examine a calendar that displays information from a google calendar. A formal motion was made for Otenth to purchase this calendar (and request reimbursement from UUGuru), create a google calendar linked to the FUUCSL googlegroup, and install the calendar in Lovelace. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
  • The full SL names of Leadership Group members will be noted in all minutes so that members may contact us via email or notecards. If any one of the LG receives such a communication, we will share it with the entire LG via the Leaderhip Group SL group.
  • We agreed to continue discussion via email of agenda items next for our first regularly scheduled meeting, Feb. 6, 2008, 6:30 pm SLT in the meditation room in Modesta.