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Write a letter and enclose a money order or cashier check, like the following.

Letter to Random House

Random House, Inc. Dept. CBCL Westminster, MD 21157

Dear Sirs:

Enclosed please find a money order for $99.60 for 12 copies of Changing Bodies, Changing Lives, at $8.30 including shipping ($6.90 + $1.40).

Pursuant to your Clinic Discount Policy, I also enclose the title page of “Our Whole Lives,” the curriculum we are using for teenager sexuality education. We will be distributing the book to those who are enrolled in this curriculum. As a church, we do not have (and cannot be required to have) government permission of any kind in order to offer such a curriculum, and therefore we do not have a “license.” However, providing health education and information is a part of our mission as an organization concerned with youth.

If you have any questions, my telephone number is 802-462-9444, and my e-mail is margy@gurus.org. Please contact me if there is a question.

Sincerely yours,

(your name) "Our Whole Lives" Sexuality Education Co-Facilitator

Encl.: “Our Whole Lives” title page “Our Whole Lives” table of contents Money order for $99.60

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