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** [http://www.femalehealth.com/images/FC2_Information_Sheet.pdf FC2 Female Condom]
** [http://www.femalehealth.com/images/FC2_Information_Sheet.pdf FC2 Female Condom]
** [[OWL-L Condom Obstacle Course]]
** [[OWL-L Condom Obstacle Course]]
=== Update from Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte ===
Objective: To provide a visual story of the emotions involved in pregnancy particularly teen pregnancy.  We would like to recommend that in the overall order of presentation that Conception and Unintended Pregnancy Options be switched to be able to use the movie ''Juno'' for reflective processing.
Recommendation:  Run session using the MythInformation activity then take time to watch a birth video and answer questions.  Most of the teen feedback is that the ''Miracle of Birth'' is too long.  We will attempt to provide a TLC Baby Story.
* [[OWL 7-9 Session 18: Teen Pregnancy|Session 18: Teen Pregnancy]]
* [[OWL 7-9 Session 18: Teen Pregnancy|Session 18: Teen Pregnancy]]

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  • Sessions 1, 2, and 3: Intro, Values, and Language
  • Session 6: Gender Roles
  • Session 10: Gender Identity
  • Session 13: Thorny issues in Friendship|Session 13: Thorny issues in Friendship
  • Sessions 15 and 16: Lovemaking and Masturbation
  • Session 17: Contraception|Session 17: Contraception

Session 21: Unintended Pregnancy Options

Update from Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte

Objective: To use media to facilitate discussion of both abortion and adoption and perhaps allow for reflection of feelings.

Recommendation: Instead of the Reading play movie clip from Juno, scene 7 “Fingernails”, stop the clip before she goes into the clinic. Reflect on how both teens in the clip might be expressing their beliefs. Wrap up by playing the movie clip, scene 9 “Anything but this”, stop clip after they discuss who the father is. Spend some time reflecting on how the parents feel, how the girls feel trying to relay the news and any emotions among the class regarding the decision to do adoption.

Session 22: Decisions

Questions to ask before getting involved in intercourse

  • How do I feel about intercourse? When would it be right for me? Under what conditions and with what kind of person?
  • How does the other person feel? How do those feelings fit with my own?
  • What makes me feel I want to have intercourse right now? Is there any chance I am pressuring or exploiting them? Are they pressuring or exploiting me?
  • What do I expect it to be like? What if it’s bad and I don’t enjoy it? How would I feel about myself? About my partner?
  • How would we feel if others found out about our relationship?
  • Do I really TRUST my partner completely?
  • What if this turns in to a strictly sexual relationship and that’s all we ever do? Is that OK?
  • What extra strains might come up in our relationship once we’ve had intercourse?
  • How would I feel if we broke up?

- from Champlain Valley UU Society, Middlebury VT

Sessions 23 and 24: STDs

Sessions 25 and 26: Safety and Abuse

Session 27: Celebration and Gifts

Proposed OWL 7-9 Add-on Session on Internet Use

Books and Movies


Sawyer. He's a University of Maryland professor who teaches a very popular Human Sexuality course. Book is Q & A format, based on questions his students asked & what he taught, very funny & factual & conversational all at once.


Parent Resources

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