Proposed OWL 7-9 Add-on Session on Internet Use

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Will need "Degrassi" The Next Generation (Episodes about internet issues) -

Heat of the Moment - Season 8: Pushed to the edge by Holly J, Alli begins posting nasty things about her on the "anti-Grapevine" blog, the underground school on-line site. When nasty turns to hateful and then to threatening, Alli is expelled from school and questioned by the police. Has Holly J met her match in the mean department?

Venus (Part II) - Season 5: Manny's still foggy on what exactly it was that happened at Peter's party the night before. She knows she made a pretty racy video but Peter will erase everything... or so he says. When things aren't going well between them, slimy Peter emails the video out into the world. Manny helplessly watches her reputation go down the drain...

Mother and Child Reunion - Season 1: After months of flirting via e-mail, 12-year-old Emma's new love interest, Jordan, is going to be in town. Coincidentally, it's the same night as her mother's high school reunion. After much consideration and some advice fromher mom's friend Caitlin, Emma decides to go for it without telling a soul, even her friends.

Eyes Without A Face, Part 1 Season Six: Peter, hoping to join the Spirit Squad, links Darcy's personal web page to his. Darcy is thrilled with all the attention and hits she gets, and even posts some racy pictures of the Spirit Squad. It seems like a great way to raise money for new uniforms - but how far will it go? JT is excited to get his job as a kids TV host back, and he invites Mia and her two-year-old Isabella, down to a taping. But as they connect, seeing JT with another girl leaves Liberty reeling.

Eyes Without A Face, Part 2 - Season Six: Darcy's online admirers take up more and more of her time, and her relationship with Spinner suffers. As Darcy posts increasingly sexy photos of herself, she's surprised when her favourite online fan decides to introduce himself.

- from Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte, 12/2009

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