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* [[OWL 7-9 Session 21: Unintended Pregnancy Options|Session 21: Unintended Pregnancy Options]]
* [[OWL 7-9 Session 21: Unintended Pregnancy Options|Session 21: Unintended Pregnancy Options]]
== Session 22: Decisions ==
* [[OWL 7-9 Session 22: Decision-making|Session 22: Decision-making]]
=== Questions to ask before getting involved in intercourse ===
* How do I feel about intercourse?  When would it be right for me?  Under what conditions and with what kind of person?
* How does the other person feel?  How do those feelings fit with my own?
* What makes me feel I want to have intercourse right now?  Is there any chance I am pressuring or exploiting them?  Are they pressuring or exploiting me?
* What do I expect it to be like?  What if it’s bad and I don’t enjoy it?  How would I feel about myself?  About my partner?
* How would we feel if others found out about our relationship?
* Do I really TRUST my partner completely?
* What if this turns in to a strictly sexual relationship and that’s all we ever do?  Is that OK?
* What extra strains might come up in our relationship once we’ve had intercourse?
* How would I feel if we broke up?
- from Champlain Valley UU Society, Middlebury VT
== Sessions 23 and 24: STDs ==
== Sessions 23 and 24: STDs ==

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  • Sessions 1, 2, and 3: Intro, Values, and Language
  • Session 6: Gender Roles
  • Session 10: Gender Identity
  • Session 13: Thorny issues in Friendship|Session 13: Thorny issues in Friendship
  • Sessions 15 and 16: Lovemaking and Masturbation
  • Session 17: Contraception|Session 17: Contraception

Sessions 23 and 24: STDs

Sessions 25 and 26: Safety and Abuse

Session 27: Celebration and Gifts

Proposed OWL 7-9 Add-on Session on Internet Use

Books and Movies


Sawyer. He's a University of Maryland professor who teaches a very popular Human Sexuality course. Book is Q & A format, based on questions his students asked & what he taught, very funny & factual & conversational all at once.


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