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Spreading the Good News About UUism

PR-L is the UUA mailing list about spreading the good news about Unitarian Univeralism, which may be known in your congregation as "public relations", "outreach", "communication", "evangelism", or "growth programs". If you have a resource to share, please add it here.

There is also a UUPR Yahoo Groups file area that PR-L members use to share samples of their publications. You must sign up with Yahoo and join the UUPR group to access the files.

UUA Resources

Related UUWiki Resources

Links to Other Resources

  • PR Documents at YahooGroups - images, .pdf, .doc, and other kinds of files allowed, but much register with YahooGroups to view and add (the email list is not being used)

Resources for Individuals and Congregations

Add your resources here by clicking the "edit" tab above. If there isn't a link here already to a new page, then you can create one by putting two brackets on both sides of the word to create a link that will become a new page - see "help" for more information.

  • Slogans - for buttons, bumperstickers, T-shirts, etc.

Resources Primarily for Congregations

Add your resources here as explained above.

  • Create business cards for ministers, other staff, and generic ones for the congregation - can include a slogan, name, address, phone number, web site address, and put principles on back
  • Buy directional signs to your permanent building, available from a church in Maine. Information is available on the PR Documents at YahooGroups (see link above), including images and an order form; it's also listed on UU Catalog under "Highway Signs." Check with your local zoning regulations about if and where you can post them.