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Audio or Video Recordings

Online audio and video are increasingly popular ways to distribute media, especially with the advent of standards and software for podcasting. For web distribution you will need computer files containing digital recordings of your sermons, and one or more ways to make the content of these files available. The contents of your audio and video file can be delivered by making files available by "streaming play", manual file download, or automated download from a web feed (podcast).

A few links offering help with making versions of your sermon available online are:

  • Streaming Audio Primer -- a reasonably thorough introduction; unfortunately the sound editing software featured is no longer inexpensively available, but Audacity is similar in operation, free, open-source, and excellent.
  • NetMedia is a company that specializes in audio hosting of online sermons. Their services include a software program, a hosting service, and a service where they will convert a CD or tape into Real Audio and/or MP3.

Congregations With Video Sermons Online

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Congregations With Audio Sermons Online

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Congregations with Audio Testimonials Online

Sermons aren't the only thing you can make available online....

Main Page > Websters