Social Witness Process Bylaws Changes

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The Commission on Social Witness is asking for changes to the Social Witness Process, via which UUA generates Statements of Conscience.

Proposed Bylaws Changes

The proposed changes are in the Final Agenda:

A vote will be taken at GA 2006 in St Louis.

Background materials

2006 Bylaws Proposal presentation

The UUA Board's "late Packet" in Jan 2006 contained these items.

  • Recommendations for Proposed Bylaw Changes to the UUA Social Witness Process made to the UUA Board of Trustees, January 14, 2006:
    • Major restructuring of process, so only one issue is considered at a time, and is considered for four years rather than two years.

The packet for the April 21-23, 2006 meeting contained some ammendments, titled "CSW Final Revisions to 2006 By-law Changes, March 12, 2006": which are reflected in the final agenda.

2004 Review Panel