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New to UUism

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Newcomers - Welcome!

We are glad you are here! Be sure to visit with us during the social hour after every service! There is more information available in the front entry, and you can speak with anyone on our Membership Committee about the membership process.

Things you might want to know

Dress at our church is always eclectic and informal. Visitors will feel comfortable in business casual to contemporary social attire.

Wheelchairs are available just inside the door. Assisted Listening Devices are available in the church office. Greeters will be glad to help make your visit comfortable and enjoyable in any way.

Some of our members are sensitive/allergic to chemical scents. Strong perfumes are discouraged, including those in soaps and shampoos. Scent-free seating is available.

Parking is ample and nearby in our own lot behind the building. Be sure to lock your car and bring any valuables with you as we are located in a downtown area.

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Our Town, USA

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